Why I have thin wet hair – 5 reasons and 3 solutions.

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Do you have thin wet hair, there are many signs that indicate the onset of thinning and lightening of your hair, perhaps the most famous is the increase in the amount of hair falling on the brush or the bathtub after styling.

so if you want to answer the questions, why my hair looks thin when wet? or is it normal to see scalp when hair is wet? The answer is found by world expert Vinnie Ferrara that this matter may be due to many reasons, so keep reading to find out.

Reasons for thin wet hair?

1- Falling in nourishing hair:

You eat a poor food of necessary nutrients such as protein and vitamins such as omega-3 acids, vitamin B, iron and biotin.

then your hair will definitely be unhealthy because malnutrition is the biggest factor that affects your body .

and if your food is devoid of the basic ingredients that the body invokes in a way. You should always take vitamin tablets designed to strengthen hair.

2. Suffering from Allergy:

The allergy may play an effective role in thinning hair and may cause constriction of the capillaries.

which in turn leads to impaired blood flow to the hair follicles. Ferrara stresses that allergies to anything that may cause hair loss. Therefore, it is better to do a simple test to find out the percentage and allergen in the body and consult a doctor to remove this sensitivity.

3. Using the wrong products:

Choosing the wrong products is one of the most common reasons that result in thin, beneficial hair, for example choosing an inappropriate shampoo that does not support the scalp and does not contribute to preserving it, it has a great impact on getting weaker hair, in the end using the wrong products may weaken the hair and make it more fragile. First, research the needs of your hair to learn which products are right for it.

4. Using hot tools frequently:

Hair cannot deal with very hot, so try to avoid using blow dry or hair straighteners because they cause thinning and brittleness to your hair. Therefore, you must use these tools on a medium temperature, this matter even if it will take time to straighten your hair, but it will be safer, and if you care or need to straighten your hair permanently, then you should use hair protection products from heat with the necessity to leave the hair Let him rest from these tools for a few days from time to time.

5 , Unstable hormones:

If you enjoy good health, your hair will also be healthy, and on the contrary, your thin, fragile hair is evidence of an imbalance in your hormones, there may be an imbalance in the thyroid gland or the onset of menopause. Test your hormones if you find a noticeable imbalance in your hair.

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why my hair looks thin when wet but thick when dry :

As we have already said when hair is exposed to moisture, it naturally may appear thinner than when it is dry.
But if the difference is big, you can follow the advice provided in the article and avoid all reasons that may lead to your hair looks thin when it’s wet.

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tips for having beautiful and resistant hair :

1. brush the hair daily:

Brushing your hair several times a day stimulates blood circulation . and this is a good reason to stimulate hair to grow faster and healthier. If you want beautiful hair, you can brush your hair two or three times a day.

2.Cut the ends of your hair regularly :

The ends of our hair tend to suffer from dryness and break down over time. For this, it should be trimmed regularly. Experts stress that cutting the ends at least once every two months leads to healthier and more beautiful hair!

3. Eat a healthy diet :

 Diet is a very important thing which affects hair health. In fact, the nutrients that provide us with nutrition are also essential for the health of our hair. Then it is best to include fruits, vegetables, and dried fruits in your diet. It is also necessary to add dairy products and fish and drink a good amount of water daily.

Last modified: April 26, 2021

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