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Are you under the impression that your hair is always the same length and that it no longer grows! Apart from the rare cases of some serious diseases and their treatment, hair grows at a rate of 0.3 mm per day, or 1 cm per month for Caucasian hair. African type hair grows 0.8 cm per month, and Asian hair grows 1.5 cm per month. Often the impression of not growing hair is due to the fact that the hair breaks off at the ends. By growing at the roots, but when breaking down at the ends, the length of the hair unfortunately remains somewhat the same. so why hair won’t grow ?

Why does my hair never stop growing ?

Hair never stops growing: it follows a three-phase growth cycle that extends over several years. Once the cycle ends and the hair comes out of the skin, a new cycle begins. Hair grows at a rate of 1.25 cm per month. How does it feel as if our hair is no longer growing?

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why hair won’t grow ?

 The only two things that can prevent your hair from growing are disorders or disease. “Otherwise, your hair is still growing. You just don’t realize it because it’s growing slower.” this is why hair won’t grow

Hair and growth :

Know that not all people should have long hair. Everyone has what is called ‘ideal’ hair and it is not the same for everyone. Some will be able to grow their hair all the way down the back, others only to the middle. Indian women have especially beautiful hair. This grows quickly, but it is rare to find hair It is more than 80 cm tall even in India.

Zoom for curly hair growth :

Do you think that the length of your hair is stagnant? We assure you, if there is no medical reason, your hair is constantly growing.

Even if it grows less quickly than straight hair, it still takes 0.8 cm a month! If one has the impression that their hair is no longer growing, it is primarily due to its spiral shape: it spirally grows and retracts at the slightest moisture, and it can lose up to 70% of its length. .

But also the nature of curly hair: very brittle and dry, and it breaks easily. Often times, the ends break off at the same rate as hair growth, or even faster, which clearly slows hair growth.

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How do I boost my hair growth?

 One of the most important steps that must be worked on is moisturizing, and this helps curly hair grow and make it healthy: It prevents hair from drying out and breaking.

We start by adding pure water to the hair or a water-rich treatment, then we apply an oily substance such as oil or butter. Think castor oil, which is rich in omega-6, which promotes hair growth by acting directly on the hair follicles.

Then avoid hairstyles that choke or pull the hair excessively. This is done gently and delicately, both in terms of detangling, drying and braiding. ideal?

A durable protective hairstyle, like loose twists, and a flat vanilla without additions or faux locks. Instead, we opt to massage the scalp with a serum, in small circular motions with the fingertips: it will activate the micro-stimulation of the blood and thus allow the nutrients in the serum to penetrate. And don’t forget to sleep with a silk or satin scarf to protect your hair from rubbing against the pillow!

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