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Hair loss is a common problem that spreads among many women and men, and the problem may reach baldness. And this thing is annoying to everyone; men and women both feel psychological pain when they see their pillow full of hair when they wake up, or the brush filled with hair when styling it, and in addition to genetic factors, hair loss in some cases is caused by a disease and a physical problem that requires treatment by the doctor, know the following causes of hair loss, and the answer to the question: what I do for hair loss.

The most common causes of hair loss for women :

hormonal imbalance:

One of the most important causesof this problem occurs as a result of hormonal imbalances, and some of them include thyroid diseases, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other diseases. When there is a condition of the previous health conditions, the hair growth cycle may stop, and thus cause hair loss.

Immunodeficiency disorders:

In some cases, a disorder occurs in the immune system of women, making it attack the healthy hair follicles by mistake, and causing hair loss in the affected areas.

Pregnancy and Birth :

During pregnancy, the hormones that maintain the hair in their bodies rise, and from it, it becomes thicker. But after childbirth, the hormones return to their normal state, and the hair begins to fall out at a rapid rate.

Drinking the contraceptive pill:

One of the side effects of taking birth control pills is the common problem which we are talking about . Hormones that impair ovulation make women prone to hair loss.

Hypertension :

Blood pressure and hair loss have a good relationship, the higher your blood pressure, the greater your hair loss.

High cholesterol in the blood:

According to some beauty experts, high cholesterol has a significant impact on hair loss.

psychological problems :

Psychological problems such as stress and depression play a major role in stimulating hair loss in large proportions.

hair loss

The most common causes of hair loss for men :

this problem for men is attributed to many reasons, the most important of which are:

– The influence of genetic factors.

– Stress and fatigue caused by radiation poisoning.

– Take certain medications.

– Eat large amounts of vitamin A.

Protein deficiency.

What I do for hair loss?

One of the most common questions asked by women and men is: ”what I do for hair loss “ . Read the article to know the answer to the question and to get all the information and details about that .

1.You should follow a healthy diet that contains protein, which enhances the keratin in the hair and reduces the chances of hair loss.

And you must eat types of foods, including grains, legumes, and eggs, as they contribute to increasing the chances of the body getting a quantity of protein that benefits hair, increases its strength, and protects it from falling.

2. You should make sure to moisturize the hair using one of the natural oils free of chemicals.

This step helps you to get the nutrients in the hair. It is best to use oils more on the ends of the hair because they are more prone to drying out.

3. Avoid using hair dryers such as irons and hair dryers, which damage the hair follicles and cause them to fall out.

Do not style the hair violently, and be careful to style it gently to prevent damage to the roots of the hair, which leads to hair loss.

how to stop hair fall women:

1. Personal care: The hair needs daily care, so try to avoid hair pulling and the processes that require hair pulling. And try to treat your hair gently and in a gentle manner, and avoid chemicals that damage it.

2. The use of natural preparations: which are largely represented in oils such as watercress oil, almond oil, castor oil, lettuce oil, olive oil, and aloe vera oil.

3. Use different useful hair herbs such as thyme mixture, radish juice mixture, castor oil, a mixture of Indian gooseberry and lemon juice, and onion juice mixed with aloe vera gel.

how to prevent hair loss :

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the best remedy for hair loss:

The medical treatment :

Corticosteroids:  which are common medicines; For the treatment of hair fall, it can also be suitable for the treatment of alopecia areata.

 Minoxidil: a drug used to treat hair fall and comes in different forms, such as cream, spray bottle, or foam, and it contributes to increasing hair growth, and it may take a few months; to get the desired result.

natural recipes :

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is very important for hair health.

Ingredients: One cup of fenugreek seeds.

Method of preparation: Soak the fenugreek seeds in an appropriate amount of water, and leave them to soak overnight. The seeds are ground the next morning; To obtain a spreadable paste.

Apply the paste to the hair from the roots to the tips, and cover with a shower cap.

Leave the fenugreek paste on the hair for 40 minutes.

Rinse the hair with cold water. The recipe is repeated once or twice a month.

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps restore the pH levels in the body to basal; It thus prevents the scalp from getting any infection, so it is a great recipe to encourage hair growth, maintain its health, and prevent hair loss.

Ingredients: Two tablespoons of fresh, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. An appropriate amount of water. mixing bowl.

Preparation method: Put the ingredients in the bowl, and mix well. Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture on the heat for another 5 minutes. Rinse hair with water, then wash well with shampoo. Repeat the recipe once or twice a week.

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