What does hair need ?- Moisturizing or nourishing?


One of the most important things in helping you to have beautiful hair is using good hair products. But combining it with a balanced diet is better.

But how do you know if your hair lacks moisture or nutrition? How do you differentiate between damaged or malnourished hair and dry hair? What are the components that must be used to fill these gaps? This is what we will see in the next article. Read on to see the answers to these questions.

What does hair need, does it need nourishment or hydration?

In the beginning, you should know that many times hair needs more hydration than nourishment, so you can hydrate it as desired, and so do our bodies!

Knowing your hair’s needs is not easy: the symptoms are subtle enough to make things worse. Hence, hair is not necessarily either one or the other … it can be dried and needs nourishment as well.

How do you recognize dried hair and malnourished hair?

Hair that lacks moisture:

It is somewhat dull, rough to the touch, and a bit crisp and swollen.

 Hair that lacks nutrition :

Too dry, splits easily, breaks. The ends are held straight, without movement, and have a strong ‘discoloration’. Hair that lacks nutrients tends to tangle very easily due to its texture.

Treating hair?

By performing a porosity test. Take a cup, fill it half and place a small strand of hair in it. Avoid performing this test a few hours after treatment or on freshly washed hair.

If your hair stays on top of the water within 5 minutes, its porosity is low and it is best to avoid coconut, olive, and avocado oils. It is also best to avoid thicker oils, if not for treatment. Hair also needs heat for treatments to better penetrate to deeply treat hair. If the hair continues in the middle of the water the porosity is normal so go ahead with your routine or change it up if you like, then you’re fine. If your hair sinks to the bottom of the water in 5 minutes, your porosity is high and in fact you will notice that no matter how much care you give, it stays short and your hair is dry again very quickly and in record time. You need extra thick oils and butter to keep your hair moist for as long as possible.

Always finish the shampoo with a cold rinse, whatever your hair type.

Which fruits and vegetables are good for hair?

1. Spirulina :

This little algae is a real nutritional gold mine that would accelerate hair growth.

Indeed, it is made up of around 60% protein, it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which keep hair shiny, and contains vitamin B12, essential for hair growth.

2. Coco:

You have heard a lot about the natural properties of coconut pulp extracted oil. This is because it really has many qualities that make it ideal for skin and hair care (although not remembered all the time, under hair also has skin). Coconut oil is nourishing, especially omega-6, omega-9 and lauric acid, helps to maintain hair smoothness, treat dandruff, shape hair and increase its natural shine, even it gives a sweet and natural aroma.


Grapefruit is a rich tree, and the essential oil of its fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium, with the natural ability to cleanse fat and tone the scalp.

It is also used to treat hair loss, promote hair growth, increase hair’s natural shine, fight dandruff, and give hair a fresh, sweet aroma.

4. Avocado oil :

Extracted from the pulp of the avocado fruit, this oil contains essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, amino acids and folic acid that have an effect on hair growth and nourishment. It helps treat dandruff and is especially suitable for dry, damaged and brittle hair. It also helps fortify, nourish, moisturize, and naturally increase luster.

5. apple :

The water extracted from fresh apples has the natural quality to nourish the hair and treat the problems of dandruff and grease, which helps to strengthen the hair, improve the appearance, and provide better hydration. inside.

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Last modified: February 17, 2021

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