Vegetables help hair growth – Is that correct?


We can’t change genetics, but we can choose what to put on our plate
every day.

Eating a balanced diet rich in some beneficial nutrients can
help protect the scalp and stimulate hair follicles.

1.eggs :

Eggs are a good source of protein, a mineral that can help stimulate hair growth.

 In fact, many hair growth supplements contain protein. Although, there is a lack of scientific evidence proving this benefit, you can also find protein in meat, fish, nuts, sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli.

However, eggs only contain other compounds beneficial for hair growth: lysine, vitamin D, and some minerals..

2. Brazil nuts :

Brazil nut are a great source of selenium, a mineral that can help stimulate hair growth. However, be careful not to overdo it, with the risk of causing the opposite effect: hair loss.

The recommended upper limit for selenium in adults is 400 mcg. About four Brazil nuts are enough to get you there.

3. Oily fish :

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart, hair, skin, and eyes. In a 2018 study, researchers found that a fish oil extract containing omega-3 fatty acid stimulates hair growth by increasing the activity of certain proteins, and another small-scale study found that taking omega-3 supplements might reduce hair loss. For this, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring and sardines are highly recommended.

4. Almond:

Almonds are rich in protein and healthy fats, these nutrients combined are great for hair growth because they are loaded with protein.

5. Olive oil:

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids that promote healthy hair and can prevent frizz, its anti-inflammatory properties can relax the scalp, just rub the oil directly on the hair.

6. Avocado:

Avocados are great when it comes to nutrition and they are loaded with essential fatty acids. They may also be effective when mixed with sour cream and applied directly to hair and scalp. This mixture actually exfoliates dead skin , and avocado is one of vegetables help hair growth.

Fish: good food for hair:

Hair is made almost entirely of protein, in the form of keratin. So it is a protein that our body needs to replace hair that is constantly falling out, a little bit every day. And the diet for beautiful hair requires enough good protein. A diet that is very low in protein can lead to dry scalp and split hair, and protein deficiency can also lead to a loss of shine and even color over time.

Eating fish at least twice a week is a great way to combat these symptoms. It is one of the essential foods for beautiful hair. Fish not only contains high-quality protein, but also low in bad fats, in addition, it offers us a food supplement that is especially useful for hair: omega-3; Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Iron.

Omega-3s are found in the cell membrane of the scalp, in the hair bulb itself, and in the sebum of the scalp, keeping skin and hair moisturized. Fish is also a good source of iron, which helps blood distribute oxygen to the hair follicles.

What types of fish are good for hair :

All fish are “good” for hair, but if we really want to choose the most beneficial ones, let us rely on the ones rich in good fats: salmon, herring, sardines, trout and mackerel. All of these toxins are particularly rich in omega-3, and thus they have earned this reputation as foods that make hair grow old. It is possible to follow a vegetarian diet while getting enough omega-3, which is also found in avocados, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. Some vegetables are also good sources of protein and help hair growth , and spinach is a great source of iron.

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Last modified: February 17, 2021

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