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We all know how heat can damage our hair. Many of us tend to shy away from hairdryer and opt for natural air drying. However, according to some, a hairdryer will be less risky than natural drying.

so keep reading to find out which one is best for you and what to avoid while drying your hair.

What if we got it wrong from the start?

We thought we would do well by preferring air drying … until a recent dermatological study of Korean origin told us that hair dryer is not our hair’s enemy, on the contrary! It will even win expert acclaim because it is less harmful to hair. However, the study did not specify what type of hair it was done so which method should you choose? Read on and focus. We will provide you with very valuable information .

Hairdryer :


Improves the shine of your hair, by tightening the scales and reducing the effect of shine. It is also very comfortable and fast, especially for girls who are often late and do not want to go out with their hair wet.

On the other hand, the hot air that the machine blows makes the hair appear thicker. A hairdryer is also a good idea if you have colored hair. In fact, this tool will fix the color more. The inner part of the hair will be more protected because, thanks to it, the crusts close faster, which limits depigmentation removal.


A misused hair dryer is a weapon to massively destroy hair. If you point it in the opposite direction of the scale (i.e. up), for example, the excess skin will raise another drawback .

if you use high heat, the hairdryer will dry your hair.

Natural Air Drying:


 The obvious advantage, it gives you time to do other things! This privilege of letting your hair dry naturally is given rather to women with short hair or those with curly hair. Of course, the #SèchageNaturel team’s first argument is that you protect your skin by not exposing it to extreme heat. Plus, this method will allow your hair to stay properly hydrated.


The biggest risk according to experts? This method will weaken your hair. In fact, water causes the skin to swell and crack, which damages our hair. When using this technique, it is important to keep in mind that hair is at its weakest when wet. Letting your hair air dry exposes it to moisture for a longer period of time.

Not to mention the fact that they are extremely sensitive to pollution and cold when wet (be careful in winter, in addition to freezing colds, you risk damaging your mane).

The golden rules of good drying:

The first step:

remove as much moisture as possible with a dry towel, to make drying easier and shorter, but do not rub your head too hard, do this process gently

The second step or advice:

Do not comb your hair while it is still wet, because the hair is more vulnerable when it is wet, and brushing it increases the breakage.

Step Three:

 Put the hair dryer on a low temperature, and the ideal way is to dry it at a low or medium temperature (it is worth the investment if your devices do not provide this setting). Tim Moore advises that you do not leave the hairdryer in the same area for a long time: You do not feel that it is getting hot, you must move the device regularly to dry your head. This new method of drying your hair takes a little rethink, but in reality, it doesn’t take much longer.

so what do I do?

Thus, the choice between air drying your hair or using a blow dryer is entirely up to you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. But whatever you do, remember that hair is fragile. Always take care of him, by treating him with caution.

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Last modified: February 17, 2021

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