Is hot water good for hair?- what is the answer?

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Did you know that water, in general, affects the health of your hair and that it is best to use it in moderation?

And do you know that its temperature also affects, in one way or another, the beauty, vitality, and shine of your hair?

Are you told that cold water is good for your scalp health? Do you ask yourself a lot of questions in this regard? To know the answers to all this, here are the facts.

is hot water good for hair :

The shampoo is a special ritual for each person. Some are satisfied with the minimum routine while others do the daily washing.

so The experts are unanimously agreed on the importance of reducing the frequency of washing to restore a balanced scalp.

They also agree on another point: the water temperature has an effect on the beauty and health of our hair. New York-based dermatologist Shari Marchbein explains that a very hot spray is not without consequences. Rinsing removes the hydrolipidine film on the skin.

The latter, The same goes for our scalp. “Hot water can remove essential oils from the scalp, which leads to inflammation and reduces hair growth.

” To get us to understand what that means, the doctor uses a metaphor: “Think of an inflamed scalp, like trying to grow small plants in lava – it’s almost impossible to have healthy hair

.” The bottom line, hot water can be pickling.


Hair should be washed, taking into account the daily activity, the nature of our hair, and the shampoo used. For example, fine hair fibers are washed often, while curly hair grows out on a drier scalp naturally. If you cannot skip the daily shampoo, it is recommended to follow a gentle routine, thanks to the non-violent care.

Finally, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that the roots do not need the same care as the ends and adapt the routine accordingly.

Wash hair with cold water:

Although it is difficult to rinse the hair with cold water often compared to hot water .

but at other times cold water may be the best option for your hair, and you may have to tolerate a measure of that cold to ensure you get many of the main benefits of hair care.

also rinsing the hair with cold water may reduce the volume of the hair.

so if you are afraid of this scenario. you should reconsider again before using cold water to rinse the hair.

we can also add that it may add a measure of shine to the hair and protect the strands from frizz. which means that it does not make the hair damage quickly. And it helps to make the scalp clean, as it has been proven that cold water works to close the pores .

which makes the scalp less likely to be dirty compared to what happens when the pores are open.

It also helps improve blood flow to the scalp, which in turn reduces the risk of hair loss 

What is the ideal temperature for washing hair?

It is recommended to use water at or slightly above body temperature, around 40 ° C. This is to avoid damaging the scalp, allow good decomposition of waxes.

oils and dirt that have accumulated therein and prevented hair disorders. Do this especially if you have or are prone to dandruff.

Care and practical advice :

– If you have oily roots, use a lot of hair products, and if you have dry hair with little moisture at the roots or a fairly clean scalp without specific problems, it is preferable to wash with hot or lukewarm water.

– Wash your hair with shampoo or hot or lukewarm water to deeply cleanse, then rinse the conditioner with cold water so that it gets properly absorbed into your hair.

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Last modified: February 17, 2021

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