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Hair is one of the most important human characteristics and has great benefits on the human body as it protects it from many external factors, the production of fatty substances, and the secretion of sweat. many people are looking for the answer to the scientific question: “is hair a dead cell”, Read on to get all your questions answered.

Hair is an important source of stem cells and has many other effects on the sexual and social aspects.

When he mentions hair, we should think of those tufts that cover our heads. Where hair grows from its root part known as the hair follicle. The average number of sacs in an adult head is approximately 100,000 to 150,000 sacs.

The number of hairs lost daily ranges between 50 and 150, but it varies from person to person.

What are hair compounds? :

Human hair consists of a protein called keratin, which is a filamentous biological material. Human hair has a structure that consists of the marrow; Which contains the bulk of the mass of the fibers, which consists of structural fats and keratin protein . and crowns near the center of the hair surrounded by the cortex, a layer of dead cells intertwined to form a protective layer around the hair, which in turn surrounds the skin.

is hair a dead cell

is hair a dead cell :

Skin and hair are external organs, so they are susceptible to environmental and other factors such as poor diet, inappropriate selection of care products, internal diseases, etc.

The components of the epidermis are a group of living cells with specific biological properties and are distinguished by their ability to repair themselves from damage.

 As for the hair, it is not capable of this, because its biological and biological properties are different, and therefore repairing the damage. it is exposed to is possible to some extent, provided that the outer layer, or what is referred to as the “cuticle” of the hair, is intact.

 But when the outer layer of hair is damaged, the best way to deal with it is to cut the damaged part of the hair and wait for it to grow again.

Since the hair is connected to the scalp, which in turn is composed of the living cells. , it is necessary to take care of it before caring for the hair.

What are the living and dead parts of hair?

After we know that hair is made up of cells, some of them are dead and some are alive, get to know with us about these parts.

Every hair we see is nothing but a thread of dead keratin cells that grow from the inner scalp where the living part of it is available and known as hair follicles.

The living parts of hair consist of the hair follicle, the hair root, the root coat, and the sebaceous gland, all of which are located inside the scalp and need constant care and nutrition.

The hair shaft that we see consists of the hair cuticle or the encapsulated keratinocytes (which are flakes stacked on top of each other). the hair shaft with the middle cortex, and the inner medulla (those that have no life cycle). It is the reason that helps us cut, style, treat with chemicals and dye our hair, dry it or straighten it at high heat without feeling any pain or discomfort. In short, hair is like the texture of cloth while the scalp is the weaver loom in which all these activities take place.

is hair a dead cell

hair benefits :

Hair has several external and internal functions, valuable and useful for protecting the scalp from sunlight. The eyelashes, eyebrows, hair inside the ears, and external nostrils have clearly useful functions, in addition to its important role in the sensory system of the body where all hair follicles are surrounded by sensory nerves, and it can be used In adornment, such as the beard and mustache for males.

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