How to use Flexi rods on straight hair ?- Flexi rollers tutorial.


How to use Flexi rods on straight hair? To get the answer Learn how to master the use of flexible rods on natural hair through our article … Whether you use flexible rods on short natural hair or longer locks

Flexible curling bars are a styling tool used to improve or create the texture of curls. Made of plastic, the bendable center, and color-coded foam liner.

the flexible curling rods make the curl shape more like a curling iron, with minimal or no use of heat.

If you’ve ever rolled a section of hair around your finger and wanted to maintain its spiral shape for more than a few seconds.

then you are the reason why flexible rods were invented.

Flexi Rods are easy to use on wet or dry hair and produce numerous results depending on hair size. hair moisture and shelf life.

Flexi bars or soft twist rollers are much easier to use compared to curling irons, but you can use heat to get curls faster. The Flexi shaft provides a heat-free (and therefore damage-free) way to fulfill your curling dreams.

As with the classic twist, the bend rod style can last for several days if you protect the resulting curls. while you sleep and keep your hair hydrated.

It comes in various sizes for tight, spiral to large, loose curls and is one of the safest ways to extend your hair while maintaining the curl style. so How to use Flexi rods on straight hair?

Stages of getting curly hair using flexi rods :

follow all stages to know How to use flexi rods on straight hair ?

1. Prepare the hair :

Like any preventative method, you’ll get the best results on tangle-free hair. Dry your hair, using a homemade leave-in conditioner to help smooth curls so you can detangle them. First, if your hair is not freshly washed then wet the ends of your hair and the roots of the hair with a spray bottle filled with distilled water.

then apply the rest of the root until the end.

2. Detangle pre-operation :

Here cut your hair into six large sections, then divide it into two or three sections, depending on the gimp of the section.

3. Start applying the flexi rods to the hair:

In each of these six sections, spray water, apply a layer all over the section. run your fingers through the section, run a detangling brush across your hair. and instantly wrap your hair around the hair shaft.

For dry style, waves use 12 flexible curlers. Start at the end of the hair and roll it down the center of the roller.

then twist it clockwise to set up the roller. Then twist each end of the rod to secure it before moving on to the next section. This process takes about a quarter of an hour.

5. Time seconds / set :

After your hair is complete with elastic rods, try to sleep after wrapping your hair with a giant headband that covers all of your hair.

This is ideal for sleeping with rollers because the opening allows your scalp to breathe. the extension also prevents excessive winding from covering the rollers. And sleep takes about 7 hours.

6. Results :

After you take out your bendy hair rollers, your hair is thin and wavy, You can do different hairstyles for your wavy hair.

for example, you might put your waves in a bun to keep the wave without losing volume due to external factors.

If the hair is clean and freshly conditioned, I think it’s fair to say that flexible bars work on both wet and dry hair. but the results of all-day spiral curls are even more important on damp hair.

YouTube video

How to use Flexi rods on short straight hair

The process of using rods does not differ from long hair to short hair except in the first stage, which is the division of hair, where if you have long hair, divide it into 4 sections first: 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. But if it is short, the first division is only one on the top and the second at the bottom.


– Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates or are advertised as “purifiers.” This will dry out your hair and possibly damage it.

– Start curling hair at different heights for a more natural look.

– Don’t force your hair to detangle, take your time. This way, you don’t break your hair.

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Last modified: April 25, 2021

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