How to dye salt and pepper hair – tips and advice


Ladies and gentlemen, know that there is nothing trendy and more important than someone who cares about their hair strand when you have salt and pepper hair. Discover all our tips for flaunting a shimmering silver piece. Your hair withwill be different and somewhat strange, this fashion that brought gray coloring back to history after it was a color reserved for elders. If the silver features are 100% natural, that doesn’t stop you from paying attention to them. Especially since this color gives you crazy charm.

Choose a suitable hairstyle for hair :

Gray hair that is drier, dull, thick or thin, shows a radiance completely different than any other color. As for the haircut, choose a haircut that fits your face.

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Give strength to salt and pepper hair :

Salt and pepper hair is more vulnerable to external aggressions especially if the hair is deprived of melanin, which is a pigment that acts as a protective film, so To nourish your hair, treat it with keratin treatments and drink a good amount of water.

Neutralizes yellow highlights that remove salt and pepper :

 Even though your salt and pepper hair is natural, it can also tend to turn yellow. That’s why we offer you only one solution to bring out your dazzling gray: shampoo at least once a week.

Conseils pour des cheveux nutritifs au sel et au poivre :

Tip # 1: How to Prevent Hair Turning Yellow!

 To prevent hair from turning yellow, experts recommend using a yellowish shampoo, which is generally recommended for light blond hair. your hair turns yellow over time. That’s why Guy Casolari recommends using a purple shampoo to avoid this problem so that you can use suitable shampoos that contain purple or blue pigments that remove yellow and revitalize all the shine of hair while maintaining its health.

Tip # 2: Moisturize, over and over again :

 When your hair has weak melanin, it loses elasticity and becomes more brittle. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the hair fibers with different treatments.

Tip 3: Avoid the sun :

Sunlight can damage hair health, plus it helps bring out the yellowing of salt and pepper hair. This is why try not to go under the heat without using sunscreen for your hair or you can wear a hat or scarf, which also gives you a charming and elegant look.

Last modified: February 17, 2021

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