How should my hair be cut -(just a few steps)

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Round, square, elongated, or even oval face, there are hairstyles for every face shape that accentuate the features and balance the features of your face, so How should my hair be cut ?.

many people ask questions similar to: should I cut my hair shoulder length ? or for example what haircut should I get ? or even how should I cut my hair for my face shape?

Discover all our tips for choosing your new hairstyle without mistakes and finding a tailored hairstyle.

“How should my hair be cut ” Often this question comes to the mind of all people .but Nobody likes to have their hair cut. We might just know very well that it grows back, that it doesn’t hurt, and it feels rather good … we just dread seeing scissors. However, there are some clear signs that it is time to get rid of the waviness.

Which hairstyle is right for me?

What hairstyle is right for me? This is a question you often ask yourself when looking in the mirror or shortly before your hairdresser’s appointment. What hair length, any color, fringe, or not? Lots of questions that sometimes lead to hair loss. Indeed, before drowning one wonders! Does my dream hairstyle suit my face shape or style? How do you find the perfect haircut?

how to choose a haircut male? :

For the beholder, the hairdo and the face should form a harmonious unity. But not all hairstyles suit every face. There are five face shapes: oval, round, heart, square, and tall face. To find out which hairstyle will suit your type, you must first define your face shape. Do you know her already? Great! So, we have some great hairstyles that will suit you perfectly.

But the success of the haircuts and hairdos also depends on the characteristics of your hair: fine hair needs volume and styles that do not make it appear more proportional.

Of course, your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to devote to your hairstyle play an important role in choosing your perfect look.

How should my hair be cut

how to choose a haircut female?:

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Oval-faced hairstyle: what is the perfect cut?

If you like, “dare cut short hair” to highlight your face. “You can even go with a Jane Seberg style. The oval face is very feminine, the very short cut will easily give a new and elegant side, especially if you have a thin neck.” With curly hair, “Adopt a small square of medium length. With bangs that are very long and edgy, to bring in a lot of volumes,” suggests the professional.

Longer face, what’s the perfect cut?

For straight hair, “Half-length without bypassing the wishbone,” this works best for you, “without forgetting to work the hair in gentle layers (all over the hair) to give maximum movement”. It is very important to create a texture that “moves around the face to restore luster”. A small gradient on the edge of the face will not be enough. You really need a gradient that starts high enough and creates movement along the entire length to give the effect of “plump” to the face. for curly hair, “We can still maintain length thanks to the substance that automatically gives volume. The idea is to be in the way a little bit. Irregular.” One final tip: “Don’t try to control your curls and handle everything.” 

Round face hairstyles: what is the perfect cut?

It all depends on the feel of the hair, but a “mid-length cut, at the collar level, with an unorganized square base and a jagged bang” appears to be best suited. Create a straight but tapered line at the ends. This haircut is suitable for straight hair as well as for curly hair, as long as you distribute the volumes well. Once it’s too much fixed around the face, on the contrary, it’s the round side that really stands out.”So we are looking for the gradient on the top of the head to give volume and remove volume on the side. 

when should you cut your hair?:

It all depends on your desires: if you want to allow them to grow more. Keep in mind that getting long hair is a process that takes years. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your long hair to stimulate growth and prevent breakage. If you want to maintain your height, know that hair grows at a rate of about 1 cm per month. So so in order to maintain a well-organized long haircut, go to a hairdresser every two months!

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