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“How often should I color my hair “is one of the most common questions about coloring. It is very important to know that when you start getting into the hair coloring process. you have to provide special, daily maintenance.

Hair experts like Harry Josh, Mark Townsend state that there is no real rule on this topic.

because there is no specific study and frequency depends on hair regrowth but also on the pre-defined type of pigment, and on many other factors. Read on with us to learn more.

how often should i color my hair

How often should you color your hair :

As we have already said, there are no studies that determine the exact period .

but according to some factors, experts recommend that you wait around 4 weeks at least .

stressing that it is better to wait 7 weeks in order to ensure the preservation of the health of your hair.

Factors :

1. Hair type

Before asking: how often should I color my hair.

 you must know your hair type, its natural color, and the shade to which you are changing. Additionally, those with darker hair and lighter color may also need more frequent attention to avoid their natural color appearing at the roots.

2. Hair Growth Speed:

One of the most important factors that  How Frequently Can You Dye Your Hair? is that you should know whether or not your hair grows naturally.

3. Your preferences :

The most important factor is your personal preference in many aspects .

where some questions should be asked to you, for example, can you see your real hair color starting to appear, or are you the type that always wants to change?

The 5 steps to color your Hair:

First, mix well all ingredients. The second step is to divide the hair into four sections and it is better to start from the front of the hair, because it takes a lot of time to pick up the color of the dye compared to the back parts of the hair. The next step is the start of the dying process, where the pigment is distributed from the roots of the hair to the ends. Then it is combed with a wide-toothed comb, taking care to comb it to the end of the ends to get rid of the excess dye, and to ensure that the dye is distributed evenly on the hair. Finally, the time required to leave the dye on the hair using the timer is determined according to the instructions attached to the dye package.

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How often should I dye my hair to cover gray? :

To answer this question, you must first know the rate at which your hair grows. On average, hair grows about 12.7 mm per month, but some grow slower or faster. According to hair and beauty experts, gray hair usually begins to appear from 10-12 mm .

and from here we can say that you will likely need to color your roots once a month.

how often should i color my hair

Top 3 Tips for re-dyeing hair :

1.Darkening hair is simpler than lightening it, so it is recommended to choose a darker shade of hair color for a better result.

2. Not to wash the hair before coloring, because the oils secreted into the hair help the color of the dye to be absorbed better.

3. Comb the hair well in order the dye be  distributed well.

Last modified: March 15, 2021

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