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A significant number of people are looking for the secret of the beauty and health of hair, and they often ask the question how do you get good hair. Because your hair is a vital part of your personality, hair loss leads to stress, which in turn will exacerbate the problem. Where hair problems are numerous and differ from one person to another, while some suffer from dandruff, others suffer from split ends, while others suffer from greasy hair and other many problems that some suffer from. So read on to learn about practical steps and tips to get healthy and attractive hair.

how do  you get good hair

how to make your hair healthy :

To get healthy hair, you must follow practical steps and adhere to them. Read on to learn about the latest studies that researchers and experts in hair and cosmetics have arrived at to know how do you get good and healthy hair:

1. Adequate protein intake: Dietitian Jo Lewin recommends adding chicken, turkey, fish, dairy products, eggs, as well as legumes, greens, and quinoa grains to your diet.

Since your hair is made up mainly of keratin, not eating enough protein in your diet leads to dry and brittle hair strands.

2.Not drying the hair with hot dryers: Hairstyling tools and machines that heat the hair until it dries can cause it to become brittle and make it dull and matte.

“Heat can cook your hair a little bit,” dermatologist Zoe Draelos says.

3. Periodic hair cutting: This step is essential, as when cutting the ends, the hair helps to get rid of the damaged part of it and healthily continue its growth. Experts confirmed that this step is of great value.  the first of them, Mensah, stated, “Although it is less clear when it comes to afro hair compared to normal hair, it is necessary to cut the ends of the hair regularly, to ensure you get more beautiful strands.”

4.Gently brush hair: Using the wrong brush is one of the most common causes of hair breakage. It is also better to use a plastic brush with rounded prongs and brush the hair strands from ends to roots, to avoid the appearance of frizzy tufts in your hair.

how to take care of your hair :

Maintaining your hair is easy if you follow some steps. If you have always wondered how to take care of your hair today, the answer will be in your hands. Read on to know the details and to get the hair you always dreamed of.

1. Use a good quality shampoo when washing hair: Using a suitable shampoo for your hair may give it shine and look healthy. To find what is right for you, choose:

-Try to choose a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals that make shampoo useless but turns into a foam-like soap.

-Choose a shampoo that does not contain parain, as it causes irritation and eye problems after prolonged use.

2. Do not comb your hair too much: combing the hair activates its pores, which leads to its growth, but combing the hair frequently and frequently will harm it and cause it to break.

3. Not dying hair too much: Hair dying is one of the most harmful things to your hair. You often find people who prefer the natural appearance of their hair do not usually suffer from the problems of dry and damaged hair due to the large number of chemicals used in styling it.

So you should space the hair-dyeing periods to help your hair regain its health after dyeing. This will make him respond to the dye more positively.

4. Stay away from fatigue from your life: psychological and physical stress is the enemy of your hair, which makes it dull. Also, stress causes hair loss, so try to prevent emotional and physical stress from affecting you.

how do  you get good hair

the hair routine after shower :

1. When you dry your hair, use a cotton towel because it is gentler on your hair and does not cause damage to it.

2. When drying hair, try to be gentle, do not rub your hair.

3. Avoid drying hair with drying tools, because it causes it to break and make it brittle.

4.It is possible to use oils for styling hair after shampooing. After drying the hair a little, rub an appropriate amount of oils into your hand, then massage your hair. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil.

Habits to avoid maintaining hair:

There are many common mistakes that we make unknowingly that harm hair health and these habits are:

1. Washing hair excessively.

2 . Use a shampoo that contains many chemicals.

3. Comb the hair while it is wet.

Last modified: July 6, 2021

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