How do I know what my hair type is- ways to determine

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How do I know what my hair type is, and most importantly, do you take good care of it? If you have any doubts, read our article and discover our personal advice that suits your hair type

In short, your hair and you are a love story full of twists and turns. But in the end, do You really know It?

We often think we know our hair like we did it, but there’s a good chance it isn’t. Firstly because the nature of hair can change many times in a lifetime and secondly because these miscreants are more complex than they seem! Want to know and better understand your hair type Forever, read our article.

How do I know what  my hair type is :

The first step: Wash the hair in the usual way with water and shampoo, then dry it. And try to stay away from using an electric dryer, because it affects the degree of dryness of the hair. Avoid using oils or hair care products.

The second step: Leave the hair down without tying it for twelve hours while you sleep. Note the type of hair will be known in the morning, so if the hair is oily, the scalp will contain a lot of sebum secretions, but if the hair is dry, then the scalp will dry out, in addition to the absence of any greasy secretions in it, but if the hair is normal, the amount of sebum secretions The scalp will be limited, and if it is mixed hair, its scalp will be oily, and its ends will be split.

Types of hair :

dry hair :

dry hair is very tangled  It cannot be combed easily and on the other hand it is lifeless, i.e. dull, and is also thick at the roots and even the ends.

Normal hair :

Normal hair is neither greasy nor dry. It appears to retain its shape many times, and on the other hand it is not oily, even if a long time has passed since it has been bathed.

Greasy hair :

The first characteristic of oily hair is that it is oily, needs frequent washing to get rid of sebum secretions, and it is very easy in terms of combing it.

Mixed hair:

It is greasy hair at the roots of the hair due to the excessive secretion of sebum, and it is dry at the ends, which makes this type of hair one of the most difficult types of hair.

And from here we have answered your question: “How do I know what my hair type is” or “how to find out what your hair type is”  . so continue reading to get more information on this topic.

how to know your hair type male :

Before proceeding to observe the type of hair, it should be borne in mind that the type of hair depends on many factors: lifestyle (diet, sleep, stress, general health, etc.), heredity, and taking care of your hair. . There are 3 main types of hair: normal hair, dry hair, and oily hair. The common denominator is sebum! Secreted by the sebaceous glands, they soften the hair and protect it with microfilm. It plays two primary roles: healthy and cosmetic. The beauty and health of hair is indispensable, as its excessive presence or absence of this precious substance will determine your hair type and its nature.

Normal hair:

 If you are a man with natural  normal hair, cheer up! Where normal hair is usually smooth and somewhat shiny, it can be detached quite easily.

Dry hair :

This type  is caused by a lack of sebum. This plays a double role, both cosmetic and health, in the beauty and health of hair, but in terms of its qualities it is brittle and brittle and on the other hand it is very tangled.

Oily hair:

It is soft and heavy and you always feel the need to wash it almost every day. Excess sebum (hyper-sebum) clogs the hair follicles and makes it difficult to comb. 

How do I know what my hair type is – more details :

It’s very simple, for hair 1 to 3 i.e. fine to wavy hair, just look at the overall look to select the category. Whereas for hair 3 to 4, you must first wet your hair and then wring it to determine which category it belongs to.

Type 1: straight hair

Type 1a: fine hair It is that breaks apart easily. They are difficult to curl because they do not hold the waves.

Type 1B: a combination of thin and thick hair

Between thinner and thicker hair, it provides more hold and easier styling than hair of the previous type.

Type 1C: Thick hair

It is thicker and frizz-resistant hair due to its weight. It is brighter due to the sebum produced at the roots, which can seep down to the ends.

How do I know what my hair type is

Type 2: wavy hair

Type 2a: Slightly wavy S-shaped. Hair falls out close to the skull. It’s somewhat shiny hair, and it tends to be thin and easy to handle.

Type 2B: It is an “S” shaped wavy hair. The hair belonging to this type is slightly rebellious at the edges that tends to frizz.

Type  3: curly hair

Type 3A: Hair of this type creates well-defined, flexible “S” curls. Where the curls are generally thick and shiny to a reasonable degree.

the Type 3B: People with hair with this type have well-defined curls that can either be in the form of curls or spirals.

next type is 3C: This type forms tight spiral loops around the circumference of a pencil.

fourth Type : coily hair

Type 4A: spiral curly hair

It is hair with very tight curls, forming small spirals. Delicately curled at the roots, the hair is thick and has a slightly defined shape.

Type 4B: fine, curly hair

The hair is nicely wrapped and defined in an S-shaped shape. It is soft and also fragile for the most part.

How do I know what my hair type is

Hair type chart :

YouTube video

Tips to help care for fine hair:

– Hair styling: You must take care of combing hair well by means of a comb with wide teeth suitable for your hair.

– Sleeping: When sleeping, it is preferable to sleep on a silk pillow better than a cotton pillow to prevent the absorption of natural oils from the hair.

– Dry the hair well: You must make sure that the hair is dry well before going to sleep, because if wet hair is sleeping on the pillow, this may lead to frizz.

Tips to help care for wavy hair :

1- Do not comb very wavy strands, especially after showering. If you want to comb it, use a comb with wide teeth, preferably by combing it from the top (at the scalp) and away from the ends.

2 – Do not tie your hair to a cotton mustache, rather use a silk scarf instead. During sleep, friction occurs between your strands of hair and the cotton scarf, which causes the ends of your hair to become coarser. The silk scarves leave your hair soft and saturated.

3 – Do not use shampoo daily. Frequent washing will prevent your hair from benefiting from its natural oils, which will help increase its dryness and increase its volume. Choose a shampoo with oily ingredients to help control your hair.

Tips to help care for curly hair :

1- Do not overuse shampoo: Curly hair tends to dry out and split ends, and excessive shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils, making curls more difficult and dry, therefore, the fewer times you wash them, the better.

2: Do not brush your curly hair with wet: When the hair is wet, it is more prone to split ends and detangles of wet strands of hair. Top and do not rush.

3: Avoid hairspray and mousse: Hairspray and mousse are styling products that contain the highest amount of alcohol, and alcohol is one of the most important things that must be disposed of while caring for curly hair, as these products will not only dry out your locks, but also make Curls more difficult.

How do I know what my hair type is

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