Does drying your hair kill lice- [fact or myth]

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“does drying your hair kill lice” a question that comes to mind of many people and mothers, especially as they are looking for a magic solution to get rid of lice in their children’s hair, and when saying whether heat eliminates lice, this is a fact or a myth?

Have you tried all of the commercial anti-lice treatments that you helped make your pharmacist rich? However, the lice and nits are still there, they make fun of you, stress you nervously, and your kids keep scratching their heads hard! Do you no longer know how to get rid of lice? Time to step up and start fighting lice. Continue reading our article and you will get all the information and details.

Does the heat of a hairdryer or hair straightener kill lice?

“does drying your hair kill lice? or does the heat of a hairdryer or hair straightener kill lice?”You can read on some internet forums that you can get rid of lice with a hairdryer or hair straightener. The idea would be to “burn” the lice by repeatedly passing the hairdryer. This method has never demonstrated its effectiveness against lice. On the contrary, lice like heat because they like to live in an environment with a temperature above 30 °. The use of the hairdryer could therefore even accelerate the development of nits in gestation in the hair. Be careful with the use of a straightening iron on children’s hair. It emits more heat than hair dryers: it is, therefore, a violent solution for the hair and has no effect on lice.

does drying your hair kill lice

Hairdryer treatment:


– Natural method, without chemicals.

– Cost: very low (if you already have a hair dryer or hair straightener)


– Completely ineffective in killing lice and nits.

Advice:  we advise you not to use a hairdryer during or after the use of certain chemical anti-lice products. Indeed, the heat given off by the hairdryer could cause reactions: burns, drying out of the hair, inflammation …

how to get rid of lice forever?:

To avoid having to get rid of lice, the easiest solution is to avoid contamination. If you ever think you are facing a risky situation (back to school, summer camp, pajama party with a classmate, group sports activity, etc.), take the lead with a few simple precautions.

1- Boil some fresh thyme in a saucepan, collect the cooking water and rub the hair with this liquid.

2- Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in the neck, behind the ears and on the hat before going to school. There are also combinations of essential oils that are perfect for avoiding lice infestation.

3-Be careful with rented / loaned helmets for skiing and horseback riding … You’d better have your equipment. Be aware that the louse is a traveler and likes to be transmitted from person to person.

4- To prevent spreading to the rest of the family, place towels / bed linen / blanket / cover / other potential holders in a sealed plastic bag. Leave everything for 48 hours. In fact, lice are deprived of blood and heat and die on their own.

5-Put wool between the teeth of the comb so that the damned animals hang on it.

6-Wash the hair as high as possible. Be careful, as this solution will not get rid of all lice, and be careful not to burn your scalp.

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