Does cold water help your hair grow ?- [Fact or myth]


Hair is the title of human health and beauty. Often the problem of a large part of person is hair length so any woman wants long, shiny, and attractive hair. and the essential question is Does cold water help your hair grow? 

Many people ask some questions for example: does spraying water on your hair help it grow? washing hair with cold water only? is cold water good for hair?

and benefits of washing hair with cold water. this article will take this topic on all sides. Taking a cold shower every day of the year. even in winter, is great for keeping skin firm, boosting circulation, and supplying energy.

But can you enjoy the same benefits if you used to wash your hair with cold water, or at least rinse your shampoo with cold water?

Does cold water help your hair grow

Here are good reasons to take this good habit “washing hair with cold water ” and make it part of your hair routine to have the perfect hair you always dreamed of:

1. Washing hair with cold water makes your hair cleaner and shinier:

Coldwater is an effective product that removes shampoo, hair mask, and other hair care products, so the hair becomes cleaner and lighter in addition to that.

the cold water automatically tightens the scales in the hair, making it look less faded and shinier.

2. Cold water contributes to healthier scalp skin:

Coldwater activates the microcirculation in the blood and in the scalp and tightens its pores, which protects it from impurities, which makes it more healthy and balanced.

3. Cold water helps hair grow faster:

When you say healthy scalp, you can also say that hair grows faster. If you are looking for a natural trick to boost hair growth. all you have to do is rinse your hair with cold water. At the same time, it will reduce hair loss because of seasonal changes.

4. Cold water helps hair secrete less oil:

If you usually wash your hair with hot or even mild water and your hair is greasy .

this is definitely because the extremely hot water attacks the scalp and weakens the hair fibers.

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Cold water hair loss :

Coldwater is beneficial to the structure of the hair. It helps fight fading and chafing. It is the method that many stars resort to in order to maintain silky hair. Washing hair with cold water stimulates scalp circulation, promotes hair growth, and reduces hair loss. It also tightens the pores and protects them from dirt. So the answer to the question “does cold water help hair grow “Is correct and somewhat real.

The other side of washing hair with cold water:

Do you think you are doing the right thing by rinsing shampoo and mask with cold water for shinier hair? Bad news, as this method has no merits only …………. Coldwater is not very effective in lengthening the hair and making it healthier according to some studies. and this topic remains with two opinions, according to this study.

When you rinse your hair with cold water, deposits may remain that harm the hair, which may make it dull, somewhat in the end. To rid your hair of dirt: Nothing is better than hot water.

But it is indisputable to use it at a very high temperature with the risk of burning your scalp, stimulating the excess sebaceous glands. The presence of tartar deposits in the hair and above all weakening it. The heat tends to damage the hair fibers. making the hair more fragile or even porous. For effective rinsing, it is best to use warm water. finally, when you follow all the steps you can find the answer: ” does cold water help hair grow “

Does cold water help your hair grow

does cold water make your hair soft :

Hot water affects the hair a bad effect as it opens the outer layer of the hair, which leads to more damage.
In order to avoid this problem, try to wash your hair with cold water to maintain the moisturizing hair oils.
And from it, the cold hair adds shine to the hair and makes it soft, and the hair becomes moisturized and healthy.

3 steps for hair care before showering :

1. Comb hair before showering:

Wet strands are more prone to breakage and shedding. So, make sure to pass the comb or hairbrush before washing your hair.

2 . Mask action:

Applying a hair mask before showering is like exfoliating the scalp, and gives the strands double protection so that they do not break or damage during shampooing.

3 . Wet hair before showering:

Try to wet your hair before applying the shampoo, and run your fingers between your hair to make sure that the water has covered all the ends of the strands.

Tips after washing hair with cold water :

1 . dry your hair well:

Drying the hair It is preferable to use a soft cotton shirt, or a towel made of microfiber to dry the hair after washing it. Do not rub your hair too much because it causes you to break and lose moisture in your hair.

2. Hair straightening:

Hair conditioner prevents the formation of static electricity and often contains silicone polymers that increase the shine and softness of the hair. Hair softening masks can be used from natural ingredients at home, such as olive oil and avocado.

3.Moisturizing hair:

To maintain the softness of the hair, it is best to use a good hair conditioner. It is not required to buy the most expensive products. You can use natural products such as Shea butter, or cocoa butter, which can be left on the hair after washing and using the conditioner.

Do not expose hair to heat :

It is recommended to leave the hair to air dry naturally, because the electric hair straightener and hot rollers are strong on the hair, and instead of them, non-heat methods can be used for styling, such as deep moisturizing.

how to make hair grow faster? :

Naturally, hair grows from about 0.6 cm to 1.3 cm per month. Is it possible to accelerate hair growth? Discover our advice to make your hair grow faster.

1.avoid Avoid washing hair daily:

There is no necessity in washing your hair every day .. Daily washing can cause dryness of the scalp, resulting in the secretion of harmful sebum in your hair.

but if you do not want a solution and you must wash your hair often, it is better to use a natural shampoo .

and try to rinse it well to make sure there is no shampoo residue.

2. Gently comb the hair:

Combing is an essential step for your hair. Scalp combing toward the ends tends to get tangled and leads to hair loss. To avoid tangles when detangling your wet hair.

it is recommended that you comb gently, from the ends to the scalp.

3. Cut the ends of your hair every few months:

It is a good idea to cut the ends of your hair every few months, to keep it looking neat and to help the ends grow more and more healthy.

4. Get rid of the traditional towel:

Using a traditional towel causes a lot of breakage to your hair.

which gets stuck in the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, you should avoid pulling on the towel when rolling your hair after washing. We also recommend choosing a microfiber towel, which is very flexible for your hair.

5. Dry the hair gently:

Sometimes just letting your hair air dry isn’t possible.

especially if you are attending an event and want to look good. On the days when you want your hair to be smooth, try these alternatives:

– Dry your hair with the cold setting. This is less harsh on your hair, but it may make your hair softer than hot-drying.

– Curly hair without heat. Use the shirt method, the sock bun method, or another cold curling method instead of using a curling iron or hot rollers.

Does cold water help your hair grow

Does hot water make your hair grow faster ?

Hot water and steam open up the pores, so it’s easy to remove excess dirt from the scalp. Hot water exfoliates dirt and buildup in the hair follicles and helps separate hair follicles. But over time, bathing in hot water may also damage the skin on your scalp and affect the hair’s ability to grow. Washing your hair with hot water will make strands porous. The inflammation caused by hot water can damage a dry, itchy scalp that prevents hair from growing well. This information applies to all hair types, even curly hair. The relationship between hot water curly hair is not good.

Last modified: October 17, 2021

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