Do rice water make your hair grow – fact or myth?


Many people are seen on the web here and there using rice water on their skin and hair – not new but it looks like it’s making a comeback. And what for rice water? Read on for more details and to get the answer to “ do rice water make your hair grow “

Is rice water good for hair?

According to recent studies and also the words of experts, where the expert Franck Provost said, rice water for hair is “a natural lotion full of nourishing properties. Rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium and has hair properties.”

how to make rice water for hair growth :

The method that we will present to you will be the easiest and very fast method that does not take you more than five minutes. Simply cook the rice with a large amount of water as usual. You can then use the rice water left over from the cooking, read on to learn more complicated recipes but their results are fabulous.

do rice water make your hair grow

rice water benefits for hair :

Rice water contains many benefits for hair, as it was one of the women’s secrets in Southeast Asia and Madagascar.

– It was used in rinse oil, conditioner, or mask.

– Rice water has the ability to tighten the excess skin, the scales that make up hair.

– It softens the hair fibers and eliminates the dulling effect of the hair.

-The starch in rice water reduces frizz and gives hair elasticity.

– Strengthens brittle hair.

– We can compare rinsing with rice water to a treatment that contains silicones but no negative effects! Provides the same smoothness without damaging the hair.

Rice water for curly hair :

If your hair is dry and curly, this water can be used as follows:

Final rinse: After washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, pour in fermented rice water or not, then rinse

Wash water: This water contains a natural soap, thus it can be used as a mild shampoo. For a thorough wash, add Shikakai powder or orange peel powder.

Conditioner: Massage the scalp according to best practices and leave it on for 4 to 5 minutes (or up to 20 minutes) before rinsing well.

For best results, just add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.

Rice water can collect on the scalp and clog pores. So it is important to use the filter to get rid of everything. whether it’s natural (Shikakai powder, orange peel powder, amla powder, lemon juice, apple juice) or otherwise (purifying shampoo) at least once a month.

1 teaspoon of filter is enough for 1 cup of rice water full of vitamins

The best part is adding green tea to it to get shinier, stronger hair and reduce breakage. And here we introduce you to the relationship of rice water curly hair.

From it we see that the answer to your question ” do rice water make your hair grow ” is overwhelmingly positive

Rice water before and after :

YouTube video

Natural recipes for hair with rice water :

Recipe 1 : Rice water spray for hair

You can create a hair spray that treats your hair, strengthens it, and prevents hair loss, as well as softens and detangles hair.

You need a spray bottle, half a cup of rice water, two tablespoons of green tea, two tablespoons of rose water, five points of tea tree oil, in addition to five points of an essential oil such as rosemary, lemon or lavender oil, and others as desired.

How to prepare:

Mix the previous ingredients together, then pour them into a spray bottle.

You can use the cedar water spray for hair within 5-6 days, and it should be kept in a refrigerator or in a cool atmosphere.

You can use it twice a day, morning and evening, without the need to wash your hair if you shower every three days.

But if you shower once every week, use this spray, once a 2 day.

do rice water make your hair grow

Recipe 2 : Cedar water hair conditioner

Rice water beautifully moisturizes the hair, as it is rich in Vitamin E, starch, B vitamins and other substances that nourish and moisturize the hair.

You need: a cup of rice water, a few drops of any essential oil such as rosemary oil, lemon essential oil, orange oil, lavender oil and other essential oils available to you, half a spoonful of argon oil or jojoba oil.

How to prepare :

Add half a spoonful of argon or jojoba oil with rice water and 5-7 drops of essential oil and stir well. Then put them on the ends of your hair, without the roots, and leave them for about ten minutes. Finally, wash your hair with water, preferably cold water because it enhances blood circulation to the scalp, thus preventing hair loss and making it stronger and longer.

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