Curly hair routine steps – good information.


curly hair routine steps

Hair is like a living being where it needs attention and care to maintain its healthy growth and appearance. Treating hair problems goes much deeper than styling products, shampoos, and other products. We have arrived at a time when there are many types of natural ingredients and hair care products available. but the biggest question remains: How do I take care of my hair in the correct way? For a tutorial on how to care for hair, here is our guide about curly hair routine steps.

Curly Hair Care Routine steps :

A large part of people loves curly hair, as they care about it, love its shape, and create many means to show it in the best way. therefore, we offer you a special routine for curly hair care to make it easier to style. follow up with us to get to know curly hair routine steps.

First: Washing hair with shampoo before exposing it to water:

At first you may say this is crazy, but this method is recommended by the largest beauty and hair experts, they recommend washing the hair with shampoo before exposing it to water .

meaning that the hair is filled with a little water to make it easier to wash it with shampoo .

and this will help to clean the hair well and rid it Of dirt and grease sticking to it.

Second: The need to use fingers to detangle hair:

One of the best tools that help in decoding hair is the hand. and this process is from the ends to the roots to facilitate the process.

Third: Distribute hair cream regularly throughout the curly hair

One of the most important things that experts emphasize is the need to distribute your hair cream well on the hair and curly in particular,.

so distribute the cream on your hands from the inside and outside and then massage all your hair.

Fourth: Choose a shampoo for curly hair:

All types of hair need a specific shampoo, and curly hair in particular often needs the appropriate shampoo to regulate it, .

and for this reason, cosmetologists and hair experts recommend washing the hair with shampoo as much as possible .

so that it does not dry out, but in a regular manner not exaggerated.

Fifthly: washing curly hair with cold water:

In order to take care of curly hair, it is better to wash hair with cold water even in winter .

because cold water is one of the best products that give shine and show it in a healthy way.

if this is something difficult for you, you can replace it with lukewarm water, but try to stay away from hot water.

Sixthly: Choose a satin pillow:

One of the best types of pillows that help curly hair to remain in good appearance is the satin pillow.

and try to stay away from the cotton pillow because it works on intertwining the strands of hair, especially curly.

Seventh: Take care to comb the hair properly:

The hair must be combed properly after washing the hair .

using a wide comb, preferably wooden, and working to comb the hair gently and work to divide it into parts.

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Last modified: February 17, 2021

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