cold water hair loss- Is there a relationship between them?

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cold water hair loss

we always find a good number of people looking for ways to treat hair loss, and one of the most popular questions being asked: Does the method of washing hair have a role in hair loss? Is there a relationship between hair loss and cold water? Read on to find out with us the answer to all your questions and to treat your hair on your own.

Is hot water good for hair?:

High temperature is one of the main causes of hair breakage. Hot water strips hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry, dull, and frizzy.

According to recent studies, the outer layer of the hair is the cortex. Its components are dead cells that protect the hair roots.

When you wash your hair with hot or warm water, the pores of the skin open, and this helps you to get rid of dirt, dust, oil, and sweat stuck in the hair. But there is a downside to that which is split ends or frizz.

cold water hair loss

Cold water hair loss : the relationship between them ? :

According to the latest studies, rinsing hair with cold water is often a little difficult compared to hot water. But according to a large number of experts, it is the best option for your hair .

and you may have to tolerate some of that cold to ensure that you get many of the main benefits of hair care.

Your use of cold water may cause a reduction in the volume of your hair . but in most cases, there are no exceptions.

But at the same time, it adds shine and protects the strands from frizz, which means that it does not make the hair damaged quickly.

And it helps to make the scalp clean, as it has been proven that cold water works to close the pores . which makes the scalp less vulnerable to the risk of getting dirty compared to what happens when the pores are open.

It also helps improve blood supply to the scalp, which in turn reduces the risk of hair loss.

Relationship between rain water and hair loss:

Rainwater is free of minerals and salts, unlike regular water that is rich in copper, magnesium, and other minerals that may damage your hair.

Washing your hair with rainwater is a good step to maintain your safety and also to reduce hair loss and strengthen it.

Benefits of using cold water to wash hair:

– Coldwater shocks the scalp cells, which helps to increase the shine and luster of the hair

– Continuing to wash the hair with cold water reduces the percentage of curls in the hair and gives it a smooth over time. It should be noted that with the many benefits offered by washing hair with cold water . we must wash it with warm water from time to time.

– Washing hair with cold water is a good factor to get rid of dandruff.

Drinking cold water hair loss: the relationship between them :

Like any organ in our body, hair needs adequate amounts of water, as drinking significant amounts of water helps hair get rid of a large number of problems. The main one is hair loss.

Water is one of the basic elements of hair, as it helps to stimulate its growth . and prevents the drying of its roots, which results in the problem of hair loss.

cold water hair loss

How much water does your hair need per day?:

According to doctors, the average person needs about two liters of water, which is equivalent to 8 cups. This amount is essential, as you must drink additional amounts of water when exercising.

Mistakes in washing hair that lead to hair loss:

1. Ignore combing before washing:

Detangling the hair and then going to the shower directly is one of the most famous of these mistakes . as this increases hair entanglement and thus hair loss, so experts advise combing the hair well before washing it.

2. Effects of shampoo:

The presence of shampoo residue on the scalp causes severe damage to it, so a good rinse is very important stages in washing hair.

3. Neglecting to wash hair tools:

Paying attention to washing a hairbrush and comb is just as important as washing the hair itself. It is preferable to wash hair tools every two weeks because ignoring this matter, in turn, affects the hair and the spread of fat in it.

How to improve and develop your daily bathroom routine:

A large number of people prefer to take a bath for a long time and use hot water.

They may hesitate a lot to take the step of washing their hair with cold water and enjoy it . and this is because they will not be able to see the effects of washing with cold water until after several times.

The correct way to do this is not to dispense with warm water once.  but rather to combine cold water with warm water until the water temperature is balanced.

and then gradually dispense or reduce warm water so that you can get used to taking a bath with cold water only.

cold water hair loss

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