can your hair fall out from stress – The answer to the question .


The condition of our hair is often a reflection of our physical and mental health.

Sometimes we lose them when we’re stressed. But can your hair fall out from stress ?  don’t worry There are solutions and  Explanations.

Stress is the body’s physiological response to an emergency, but it can also happen that this stress is violent or repetitive and that the body overreacts or be inappropriate, the psychological consequences can vary from person to person and range from chronic stress and fatigue to insomnia and depression, but stress It also has physical repercussions and hair loss is one of them.

A person who is far from stress, meaning, has long and attractive hair

Hair loss from stress , how long does it last :

It happens that we lose our hair at certain times of our existence without really disturbing our body.

This phenomenon can be caused by a change of season, temporary fatigue, lack of minerals or vitamins, a nutritional imbalance, or the onset of menopause …

but you can also lose your hair due to trauma, emotional trauma, death in a closed circle, divorce. … or repeated stress.

Because stress triggers a chain of chemical and hormonal reactions aimed at helping us “survive” in case of imminent danger. So when a stressful situation arises, the brain transmits information to the pituitary gland, which in turn sends the information to the adrenal glands.

Then these hormones are secreted: adrenaline, cortisol, and adrenal androgens.

Then these hormones are secreted: adrenaline, cortisol, and adrenal androgens.

Androgen secretion leads to a retraction of hair follicles and blood vessels, making the hair thin and weak and then falling out, and for some people whose scalp receives especially these androgens, stress will have negative repercussions on hair growth and physiological regeneration, and it is clear that the more we are stressed and sensitive to androgens, Our predisposition to losing our hair has increased, which is a real vicious cycle that kicks in without our knowledge.

The stress you are exposed to under the leaf marks on your hair, we know that healthy hair is nourished with keratin, which is a natural fibrous protein that protects it from ultraviolet rays, sea water and other aggressive factors.

Hair undergoing chronic stress loses part or all of its keratin content and becomes fragile to the point of breakage .

Emotional stress can also cause alopecia areata, an inflammatory disease that affects genetically predisposed individuals.

Alopecia areata usually manifests itself in the loss of very limited “patches” of hair in specific areas of the skull or their entirety.

This condition is reversible and can be effectively treated with corticosteroids.

However, since stress is an exacerbating factor in alopecia areata, it is imperative to examine the origin of this stress to reduce a particularly painful hair condition.

You can treat this type of disease in order not to aggravate the situation and lose your hair completely .

good and healthy hair

 Tips to Fight Stress-Related Hair Loss :

1.Modify your eating behavior to de-stress and stop your hair loss:

Eating well is healthy nutrition for your body and thus … your hair! It also works on your stress and relieves your anxiety.

So, stock up on vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and omega-3s by consuming fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, poultry, eggs, and oilseeds.

Target ? Strengthen your immune defenses, reduce oxidative stress (a harmful mechanism that oxygenates our cells), and heals your scalp. Plus, eating well has been shown to promote the growth of stronger, shinier and therefore beautiful hair.

2. Are you losing your hair because of stress? Reward yourself with a scalp massage:

Is your hair tired and your spirits low? Do not panic. Nothing like a scalp massaging relaxes you, stimulates your circulation, and eliminates the waste that suffocates your roots, so what should you do?

Comb your hair first to release it, then wash the scalp with shampoo and massage gently for a few minutes, making small sessions with your fingertips.

What is the right reaction? Start at the back of the neck and gradually work your way up to the forehead and temples.

3. Hair loss after trauma? Relax :

Do you mourn the loss of a loved one and lose your hair in handfuls? Learning to relax, relaxation is a great way to fight stress, which is the cause of your hair loss, but relaxation also means letting go of your suffering and it is a cousin of yoga and meditation, and relaxation allows the body to regenerate and the mind to calm down, it can give you the same fresh air that you lack and help you let go of it. During a relaxation session, you release your muscles and learn to breathe freely, calmly and without restrictions. For real effectiveness, you should devote several minutes per day to it, because thanks to regular training you will be able to relax and gradually reduce hair loss.

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