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You often hear that someone used some oils in his hair. You wonder if the oil is good for the hair, can I use oil for hair? What oils are suitable for me? How do I put oil in my hair? continue reading the article to know the answers to all the questions about oils in your mind.

Can I use oil for hair ?:

Beauty experts confirmed that hair needs many vitamins, some of which we find in a significant number of products, on top of which are oils.

They moisturize the hair, prevent breakage, add luster and silky texture to it, and treat frizz, in addition to providing the minerals and vitamins needed to maintain hair health and vitality.

can I use oil for hair

How many times is the oil applied to the hair per week?

if you want the answer to the question you should know that the number of times the oil is applied to the hair varies according to your hair type:

If your hair is dry: Apply the oil to your hair two to three times per week because dry hair needs constant moisturizing, and it may be good to use it on this type of hair daily.

greasy hair: put the oil on your hair only once a week because using it more than once may leave a greasy feel to the hair and lead to many problems, such as dandruff.

If your hair is normal: apply oil to your hair twice a week because normal hair is one of the most moderate types of hair so it does not need a lot of oil.

when to use oil on hair :

The oil is placed on the hair according to the purpose you want to reach:

If your hair is damaged: put the oil on the hair for some time up to twelve hours, and this time is the most appropriate time to treat damaged hair.

Also, improve its external and internal appearance, as many hair care experts advise putting the oil for a whole night and washing it after waking up from sleep, and that Because this period is sufficient for the oil to enter deeply into the hair follicles.

To reduce irritations that affect the scalp: The appropriate period, in this case, is to apply the oil for a period of up to sixty minutes before taking a shower.

getting rid of shape problems such as dandruff: apply the oil and then leave it for no less than sixty minutes to complete and this period is considered suitable for moisturizing the scalp and is easy to remove the crust.

To get vibrant and shiny hair: You can put the oil on for a period ranging from fifteen minutes to three hours. This period is considered suitable for the rehabilitation and vitality of the hair.

How to oil your hair the right hair :

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leave hair oil overnight: is it okay?

The oil mask depends on the condition of your hair. The longer and healthier your hair is, the less time you need to keep your hair mask on.

Often if you want to apply oil baths at least, leave the mask on for 8 hours to allow the hair follicles to absorb the oil. In this case, leaving the oil bath overnight is a good compromise that saves time.

Best oil for hair growth and thickness :

Lavender oil is one of the most important oils that contribute to hair growth, improves the scalp, helps hair to become denser, and limits hair loss because it contains antimicrobials and antibacterial.

can you use coconut oil for your hair :

Yes, of course, coconut oil is one of the best oils that help hair gain shine and radiance. Learn about the benefits of using coconut oil for hair:

Helping to moisturize the hair: Coconut oil plays an important role as it penetrates the hair itself and does not remain only on the outer layer, and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of the oils, which gives moisture and a softer texture to the hair.

Reduces hair fluff: When it is in moisture, then your hair absorbs it, and it directly causes hair to dry out, and from it, it becomes untidy and appears inappropriately, so coconut oil prevents hair from absorbing water, especially in humid weather, which reduces hair fluff.

Gives hair shine: One of the most important benefits provided by coconut oil is that it gives hair shine and makes it appear more healthy.

Helps hair grow faster: Some experts confirm that coconut oil promotes hair growth if used alone or mixed with other oils.

Some evidence points to the benefits of coconut oil for hair in terms of protecting it from damage, which reduces and treats hair loss.

Helps you get rid of lice: Some research indicates that the use of coconut oil is useful in treating hair lice, and its effect is similar to chemical treatments for lice.

Best oils for hair :

After you knew that the answer to your question “ can I use oil for hair “is yes, now continue reading to learn about the most important oils for your hair:

1.Olive oil: It is a type of oil that is important for the health of the skin and hair and health in general, because it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, in addition to its great benefit to hair, and therefore it is included in many care products.

can I use oil for hair

2. Sesame oil: It is one of the most important oils that help stimulate and improve blood circulation to the scalp. In addition, it is considered a natural sunscreen; As the application of sesame oil on the hair and scalp works to prevent the damage of the sun’s extended rays.

3. Argan oil: is mostly used as a hair conditioner because it is full of fatty acids, especially oleic acid, and linoleic acid. Plus, the medium-chain fatty acids in argan oil have a protective effect that can help prevent damage from washing and styling hair.

4. Peppermint oil: This oil is one of the concentrated natural oils that are generally important for health. Massaging the head with peppermint oil helps to promote blood circulation in the scalp due to its cooling feeling on the scalp.

5. tea tree oil: This oil helps increase the blood supply to the scalp, thus maintaining the vitality and health of the hair. It also contributes to the elimination of hair lice and nits if an amount of it is mixed with half an amount of lavender oil.

6. Castor oil: This oil helps in hair growth because it contains fatty acids, and when applied to the scalp and hair, it enhances blood circulation.

Best oil for dry hair :

Hair experts recommend using argan oil, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, to treat dry and curly hair. Argan oil works to soften and moisturize hair and add luster and vitality to it. It is the best oil for dry and curly hair and the most suitable for it among other types of oils at all.

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