benefits of using cold water to wash hair – top 5 benefits

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Washing hair with cold water is a good step to maintain the vitality and luster of your hair. You should make this step usually in the four seasons, even in the winter. Read on to learn about the benefits of using cold water to wash hair.

Benefits of washing hair with cold water ? :

There is no doubt that most people do not know the importance of washing their hair with cold water .

as most people prefer to take a shower with warm water, as this gives them a feeling of relaxation and warmth, especially in the winter season.

1. Helping maintain the color of hair dye: Hot water is a major reason for opening the hair cuticle, as this leads to the removal of hair dye, and from it. to maintain your hair dye for a period of up to 10 weeks, you must wash your hair with cold water.

2.Help prevent hair breakage: Hot water helps open the hair follicles and from it, the hair becomes prone to breakage. so it should be washed before finishing showering with cold water for a few seconds to close the hair, thus helping to prevent its breakage.

3.Maintaining the health of the hair and adding luster to it: Using hot water for the hair leads to the removal of the natural fats from it, and from it  becomes dull. As for washing it with cold water after using the shampoo, it can maintain its moisture, and preserve its beauty, and health.

4.Closing the cuticle layer, that is, maintaining the strength of the hair: cold water helps to close the cuticle layer, as this layer is one of the outer layers of the scalp, and closing it works to maintain the strength of the hair.

5.Coldwater can be used to get rid of problems that occur in an oily scalp, such as dandruff.

 benefits of using cold water to wash hair.

Cold water hair loos :

After we got to know benefits of using cold water to wash hair , Read on to learn about the relationship between cold water and hair loss.

The problem of hair loss and weakness is one of the most annoying hair problems for women and causes them a lot of fear and panic.

Hot water is one of the most dangerous causes of this problem, as it causes hair fragility, weakness, and fall, and for this, according to what experts say, cold water maintains the integrity of the hair and prevents its fall.

disadvantages of washing hair with cold water :

After we got to know the benefits of using cold water to wash hair, on the other hand, we find the negatives, but their number is small compared to the good things that cold water provides. The disadvantages are:

1. When cold water falls on the head, it causes the pores of the head to close, which helps not to get rid of all the impurities and dirt that are found deep inside the skin.

2. For many people, cold water causes a severe headache that accompanies the head after washing the head with cold water.

3. Causes the roughness of the hair style and helps a lot in the same hair after it is completely dry from the water.

4. It works to feel the head spinning and the head itchy, and these symptoms do not affect all people, but only happen with some people.

washing hair with cold water hair growth :

one of the most valuable benefits of using cold water to wash hair is help hair grow so according to the experts  cold water is good for the hair structure. It helps fight dullness and frizz. It is the method that many stars resort to in order to maintain silky smooth hair.

Also, washing hair with cold water stimulates the scalp’s blood circulation and promotes the process of hair growth and reduces hair loss. It also tightens pores and protects from dirt.

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Steps to wash hair with cold water:

Step one: Bring the shampoo that you always use. Then loosen the hair and wash it with cold water well before applying shampoo on it to help close the pores of the head and the shampoo materials cannot reach it.

The second step: Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and rub it all over the hair, then massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp using a little cold water.

finally, Rinse the hair well with shampoo with cold water and make sure to dry the hair well before doing a hairstyle so that the hair is not exposed to breakage and fall.

How to improve and develop your daily bathroom routine:

Many women prefer to have a warm bath and carefully wash their hair during it, so they may hesitate a lot until you take the step of washing their hair with cold water and enjoy it, and this is because they will not be able to see the effects of washing with cold water until after several times.

to do this in correct way you should is dispense with warm water once, but rather to combine cold water with warm water until the water temperature is balanced, then gradually dispense or reduce warm water so that you can get used to taking a bath with cold water only.

Best tips for washing hair:

After you learned that cold hair is good for your hair, we will give you some tips for washing hair, most people think that washing hair is an easy thing, but you can make some mistakes, and to avoid them, the basic tips for washing it can be followed, including:

1. Lubricate the hair before washing it with shampoo, by using an oil such as: olive oil, coconut oil, or mustard oil, and then massage the scalp and hair with the oil, leaving it for 2-3 hours, and then washing it.

2. Apply the conditioner after washing the hair well with shampoo, taking care to avoid applying it to the scalp, and applying it using a comb; To distribute it evenly, then leave it on the hair for 1-2 minutes before washing it well, as its residues cause the dull appearance of the hair.

3. Wash the hair with lukewarm water for a minute before applying the shampoo. Then wash it with cold water in the last step; This is to completely remove the remnants of shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of taking a cold shower:

1. The recovery rate and activity level of the individual increases after taking a cold shower. It also helps reduce inflammation and muscle tears resulting from sports, and restores and strengthens the muscles to their normal position.

2. Helps improve the appearance of the skin and increase its freshness and youth; It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, lines and sagging with age, and helps to tighten and smooth the skin and reduce the large pores of the skin. In addition to reducing the fat in the skin ie the prevention of grain.

3. It improves the appearance and texture of the hair, giving it a healthy, attractive, shiny look, free of excess fat; As the cold water works to narrow the pores of the scalp and prevents the accumulation of dust on them.

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